Tea Light Magickal Candles

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Delightful little handmade tea light candles for spellcraft, ritual or just because. 

I used a variety of waxes. 

Traditional Dragons Blood: red, soy wax

Solar Joy (Sun): yellow paraffin wax

Prosperity: green soy wax

Coconut: white soy wax

Love: red soy wax

Psychic Protection: blue paraffin wax

Banishing: black soy wax

Attraction: red soy wax

High John the Conqueror: bright blue paraffin wax

Reversing: red and black soy wax

All Heal: blue paraffin wax

Mars: (planetary) red paraffin wax

Uncrossing: black soy wax

Fiery Wall of Protection: red paraffin wax

Black Cherry Bomb: dark red paraffin wax