About Us

Raven's Flight became a business in 1997. Born out of my own love for all things herbal and magickal my hobby became an actual brick and mortar store in North Hollywood, CA. Over the years the products that I made became more and more popular and eventually I started the mail order business. In time I expanded and sold the products to other stores all over the country.
In 2004 I decided to close the store but the mail order and wholesale business have thrived. 

All of the Raven's Products are made from unique and original recipes and/or traditional processes.
I have continued to strive for high quality products for magickal people made with a combination of lore, tradition, 
intuition and wort cunning ways. 


Raven's Flight was born out of a love for the magickal herbal artes and a desire for high quality products for own magickal and spiritual practise. Most of our products were originally created out of need or desire, both ours or our customers and so the Raven's Flight Magickal Apothecary has grown and continues to grow. 

Raven's Flight is run by myself, Raven, and my wonderful husband Johnny with lots of help from our 
grandaughter Luna, our three cats and three dogs. Well, the cats don't really help so much as they "supervise", but if you have cats you know what I mean. 

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Raven's Flight

PO Box 867

Running Springs, CA 92382