4 Thieves Vinegar 4 oz

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Our 4 Thieves Vinegar is made the traditional way, its not just colored water full of artificial ingredients. Its actually made by steeping herbs in cider vinegar and regular vinegar as per the original formula.

This traditional potion for protection goes back to Europe during the time of the "Black Death". The homes and bodies of plague victims were being robbed. Now as distasteful as the robbery was, the puzzlement was why someone would take a chance on catching the plague to steal from the dead and how they were able to do it.

The thieves were finally caught and as part of an amnesty deal they revealed their secret. The were using an herbal potion that they not only doused their bodies with but they also drank. So, they turned over the formula and were released, or so the legend goes.

Now, even though we use the traditional recipe, this is not to be taken internally! But, over the centuries this formula has proven to be an excellent potion for protection. Sprinkle around the house, the yard, on door knobs, across thresholds or anywhere that you feel need to have a protective barrier. 4 oz bottle.