Feasting from the Black Cauldron by Amaranthus

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Feasting from the Black Cauldron talks about things that are often overlooked or ignored by today's authors in the modern witchcraft movement. This book covers topics such as Ignem Serpentes, Terra Umbrae and the Crossroads of Night. While many books on today's market are filled with basic outer court training, this book picks up where many other books leave off. Like any great work, this author challenges his readers to think beyond the contemporary literature of big publishing companies.

Amaranthus, is a magister in the Clan of the Sacred Flame, a family of witches who practice and teach witchcraft, a non-Wiccan tradition, that has roots originating in France as opposed to the more common BTW, British Traditional Witchcraft. The Clan of the Sacred Flame places heavy emphasis on magick, sorcery and ancestral working forming strong spiritual bonds with its members. Amaranthus has written this book to reflect those teachings and techniques used in the training of their clan members. The core of this training is highlighted within these pages as the reader will learn about the clans Fairy Path of Witchcraft, traditional tools used and how to sanctify those working implements. This book seamlessly blends the old with the new, taking some of the spells and rituals passed down through the clan's ages and adding new material and insights to enhance the reader's understanding of the material presented.

Drawing from his extensive research and years of practice in various fields of the occult, Amaranthus has provided you the reader with an opportunity to step inside a witch’s clan from the perspective of a magister and clan elder.


“For those looking to make their first connection with a traditional style of witchcraft, Feasting From The Black Cauldron will serve as an invaluable introductory guide through the crooked path of the Old Ways, when the practices of the witch weren’t watered down, sanitized, nor for the faint of heart. Amaranthus provides his own interesting insights, perspectives, and rituals to the traditional lore and practices of Trad Craft, assisting the seeker in tapping into a primal current of historical witchery often swept under the rug in mainstream paganism and magick.”


- Mat Auryn, professional psychic, witch, writer, and blogger at Patheos Pagan


"Amaranthus has given the world a rare glimpse into the abiding spirit, primal presence, living legacy and witchery of the Old Craft - the Craft I know and love. In these days of repeated tables of correspondence, divinities and spirits spoken of as "energies", "archetypes" and symbols; Feasting from the Black Cauldron hearkens back to a time when witches were witches. When witches were born of the Old Blood that when awakened gave unusual powers and skills that made us feared and revered. And most importantly, the familial bonds of clan and coven that extend beyond time place and life-times that links us to the witches beyond the veil. I will recommend this book to my students and initiates. Now, take a breath, open the book and let the door of your soul open and you may find the words you have sought to understand the witchery working through you."


-Orion Foxwood, Traditional Witch, Author of The Flame in the Cauldron

Elder High Priest, Founder of Foxwood Temple

and the House of Brigh


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