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(Artemisia vulgaris)

Magickal Properties: Protection, purification, all manner of psychic pursuits and chasing away evil spirits.
Associated with Artemis, the moon and all moon goddesses.

I won't gush over this herb but it's definitely a plant I have a strong affinity for. Actually, that's putting it lightly.... I adore it. It grows strong and beautiful in my garden reaching 6 and 7 feet tall.  I harvest several times over the growing season and dry naturally.

This listing is for cut leaves which produces an almost fluffy consistency that wants to cling together so when using in an incense or other herbal blend be sure to work the mugwort into the other herbs with your fingers to get a good mix if at all possible.

Mugwort is an excellent herb to use in a smudge/purification incense blend and it is one of my favorites for psychic incense blends as it not only encourages and enhances psychic pursuits of all kinds but is also an excellent protective herb.