No No's Refreshing Herbal Body Mist 4 oz

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A refreshing and invigorating spray mist scented with pure essential oils. While this  spray mist was designed for the body, some of my customers have reported its great worth as a room deodorizer and freshener. My husband likes to spray it in his shoes and I like to spray it in my car.
Why shouldn't the world, or at least most of it, smell fresh and clean?
We know that there are lots of aromatherapy and scented products available now, even at the local grocery store but when you read my ingredient list you can pronounce all of the words. My herbal spray mist is made with good things like distilled water, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, and pure essential oils. I do have include the tiniest bit of a preservative and an ingredient called polysorbate 20 which is an ingredient that emulsifies the essential oils into the water, but that's it!