Elfhame's Children: The Covenant of Witch and Faery by Veronica Cummer

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The Covenant of Witch and Faery is as old as humanity itself… in a way, even older. The Fey are the elders of the witches and through them great magicks can be accomplished. In Elfhame’s Children, Veronica Cummer explores, explains, enlightens and fleshes out that most important covenant. Using personal experiences, research, Faery messages, divination, rituals, crafts, recipes, and meditations she guides the reader through the World of Faery in a way that only one truly “of the blood” can do.


Elfhame’s Children is the culmination of years of experience and of value for both those new to Faery work and for those who have long walked with the “Good Neighbors”.  The prose is poetic, the poetry sublime, and the illustrations are inspired.


ISBN # 978-1-936922-91-8

318 pages



“Good neighbors of the under-realms awaken unto life.


Ban the bane and bless our luck; and, banish blight and strife”.




Veronica Cummer’s, Elfhame’s Children, is a treasure-trove of folkloric tradition, poetic inspiration, personal revelation and time-honored recipes to understand, engage, and honor the Good Neighbors who live in the liminal and intra-visible side of life, just on the other side of the air. At this time when we live in the shadows of a looming ecological disaster, reestablishing humanity’s relationship with the ancestors of all earth-life (the Faery) could not be more important. They are the spectral cousins of humanity, the ally and elder of the witch and the wisest spirits on the mysteries of nature. The time-honored relationship with these “Angels in the Land” and the witch may well be an anchor of wisdom, healing and regeneration in ecologically challenging times to come. Read, relate, remember and grow the ancient covenant between humanity’s wildest magic, witchcraft and the elegant wild sorcery of the Fey.




“Open now the ancient ways of life in love with land. Open now the hawthorne way as we extend our hand”




Orion Foxwood, Faery Seer, Elder in Traditional Witchcraft and author of “The Faery Teachings”, “The Tree of Enchantment” & “The Flame in the Cauldron”.