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(Achillea millefolium)

Magickal Properties: Bravery, courage, divination, psychic powers, exorcism. 

Yarrow is a powerful healer and has a long and venerable history as a medicinal herb. Magically, yarrow is a potent ward against negative energy, and an incredible ally in the arts of divination. It also helps dispel fear and inspires courage and power. It's also often included in love charms and spells.


Yarrow is an herb of the planet Venus and the element of air. It's associated with Aphrodite, Venus, the Horned God, Hermes and Achilles the hero. 

I am blessed to have a bounty of yarrow growing in my garden, yard and meadow. From snow white to delicate pink it flourishes in our mountain climate.

Since yarrow is favored by the bees in our area I only harvest smallish amounts at a time. Unlike commercially produced yarrow and the herb and flowers are dried the old way, hanging upside down, in the herb room. This time of year herbs dry incredibly fast due to the lack of humidity in the late summer. I can't technically call my witch grown and wild-crafted herbs organic (they are not certified) I can give you my word that no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are ever allowed in my garden.


"Where yarrow grows, is one who knows"